Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I subscribed


this sentiment:



A small personal pet peeve of mine is when people “like” or RT or fav or whatever something that is for sale, then don’t buy it. (“It’s nice to be liked,” etc).  Anyway: I am buying Justin’s undefinable internet art.  You should too.  We should all buy each others’ things that we like, and not just click something that expresses a passing enthusiasm for them.

(Besides, it is very inexpensive!)

Inexpensive to whom?

Reblogs etc are free publicity and some of us poor folks like to support things even if we’re broke.

If the free publicity isn’t wanted folks should say so, that way us awful poor folks with no monies can publicize people who like it.


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    I have a firewall at work that allows me six ten-minute blocks of “quota time” to look at things like “blogs” and...
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    You know, it annoys me that you don’t have money. Please fix that and then spend it on me and my friends.
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    if you are paying me a salary, asshole, then by all means, I will buy shit. Otherwise stfu
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    I love it when middle class bitches are all like LOOK HOW INEXPENSIVE IT IS. Yeah cuz you can afford food normally you...
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    Go fuck yourself emilygould. For real. I have no time for this “everyone can afford small luxuries!” bullshit I keep...
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    Inexpensive to whom? Reblogs etc are free publicity and some of us poor folks like to support things even if we’re...
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    I have subscribed.