Friday, June 15, 2012

In case you don’t know how absurd I am.Top photo. My outfit today. Thrifted mid calf length cocktail dress. Black with a black chiffon overlay. Slightly flared hem. Size 14 and too tight in the boobs. Sweater, shark bite cable knit, draped collar cardigan from Fashion Bug. Size 2X.

Bottom Photo- what does one wear with a cocktail dress to work? Striped socks from Sock Dreams, Fuschia tights Fashion Bug 1x, Doc Martens.

Tomorrow I’m probably wearing another cocktail dress.


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  4. lilahisthenight said: Bamf. Also, aren’t you freakin’ hotter than a witch’s tit in all those layers???
  5. thingsthatarentbees said: does absurd mean “everyone else wishes they looked this cute”
  6. fancybooday said: this is not absurd this is good life choices
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