Friday, August 17, 2012

Self Care Like a Boss. Self Care for Life. The Book!

It’s here!!

This is a short and sweet guide to self care. Click the cover to purchase it at smashwords.

Basically this is your extended remix of my blog posts about self care.

I give you some tips on how to start, how to keep going, how to prepare for the really bad times. Consider me your personal cheerleader and boss if you need it.

I’m giving you my tools and how I get through.

AND, just for my tumblr homies.

If you need a little something special, for 1$ payable via paypal (although if you want to tip I’m open to that too) I will write you a 1 page note. Here’s how it works.

Click here and in the notes to seller portion of the checkout page, tell me your name you like to be called and anything you need to hear. Do you need someone to tell you it’s okay to feel fucked up? Do you just need someone to tell you you need to do these self care things? This is for you. You can then print it out and put it up on your wall. You can save it on your computer for a rainy day. This isn’t therapy or a fix all thing. This is a letter from me to you giving you some support as needed.

Depending on demand letters will be delivered 5-7 days after orders. I might tell you a funny story, I might tell you a secret. If you hate your letter let me know and we can work it out.

You can also get one for a friend. Just tell me their name, and what they might need to hear. 

Now if you can’t afford any of these things, I would be supremely grateful for signal boosting. Reblog, share on twitter, share on facebook. You can go to my smashwords page and like my book, email the link to this post or to the book itself to anyone you think would be into it.

Thank you my friends for encouraging me to do this. I really hope some of you get something out of reading it if you do.

Thanks homies. Thank you for helping me fulfill my life’s work. I love you homies.

Homo Out.

ETA- my link was wonky so I added it to the text underneath where it says it is here. Or click here.


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