Thursday, September 26, 2013



Rick Owens S/S 2014

Paris, 26th September 2013. Rick Owens has raised the bar.

White chicks? Skinny models? Walk-pose-exit-straightface runway show? Forget those. We got something better for you: Rick Owens Spring/Summer 2014 show.

The show was a step dance performance. As if the show wasn’t unusual enough, the cast is truly something different from hundreds of shows we’ve been seeing from New York, London, Milan and Paris in this fashion month. It was performed by step dancer girls, and what makes it different is, the majority of them are black, and all of them are plus sizes.

Of course, there’s definitely debates about the presentation. Some love it. Some hate it. Some confused. Of course, when you see the runway pictures in you won’t see the usual thing. You’ll be confused, especially if you don’t watch the video of the show. But surely, you can tell something is going on.

I think the message is crystal clear. Fashion is an interpretation of visual beauty. And most of the time, fashion didn’t represent universal beauty. Fashion often represent only one form of beauty: White and skinny. Which is a shame, because fashion should be representing universal beauty. And when you’re not in on of the “white” or “skinny” category, people valued your self less. You, valued your self less.

Even if it’s not the best collection, this is the best show, best casting of Spring/Summer 2014 for me.

Rick Owens is breaking all rules, murdering all stereotypes of fashion with this show. The message is crystal clear here: DIVERSITY

This is a “FUCK YOU” in the face for all stereotyping in fashion industry.

And just as a note- look at those FACES.

Those are not the demure blank-slate faces you see on models. Those are “I am pissed and dancing out my aggression with FEELING FUCK YOU” faces. Those are faces of people expressing their humanity, not forced to be a blank doll.




And here I thought you could only have models who are essentially personless hangers for your clothes.

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