Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fantasy casting for a film version of my nano novella “To Rely on the Darkness”

First: Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon as our lead witch Pearl. She is what I am calling a magical savant. Extremely powerful, extremely dangerous, queer with a weakness for fae folk. Deeply emotional and prone to aggressive physical attacks and crying. Of course she would need dreads and to be a bit chubbier.

Next Danny Pudi as Pearls live in assistant, necromancer gay man Manish Or M as she calls him. Also an expert in magical logistics in battle. In shy love with Dante

J. August Richards- Pearl’s live in driver, medic, specialist in the art of strategic magics, natural polyglot. Also in shy love with Manish. Soft spoken.

Jessica Ellen as Immaculata. Afro Brazilian witch. Mistress of the elements. Anxious, powerful and shy. Uncomfortable with her Blackness. She would need to start out with a slightly busted little afro.

Wentworth Miller as Elie the pansexual Creole skinwalker. Conflicted about classicm, magic used in battle. Not quite comfortable with humans or himself. Mama’s boy.

When I hit 15 K I will intro Father Crow, Ilario, and Malpus.

Here we have the main characters so far. Also these ladies are gorgeous but a bit too thin but oh well.


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